Cultural Heritage Rescue Teams

Many museum and heritage companies offer “emergency services,” which are called in for recovery and assessment operations after a disaster strikes; however the Menerva Group’s activities are focused on training people beforehand. While many disasters cannot be predicted– such as the tragic fire that engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in 2019– there are many that can be mitigated against: flooding, extreme weather, and wildfires; more mundane everyday events such as loss of heat and water pipes bursts; and even planned or expected protests and civil unrest– to name a few.

We provide a variety of in-person and online training services regarding emergency planning for the proper evacuation and storage of cultural heritage objects and artifacts for first responders and civil defence personnel. Our training is specifically designed to teach them ways to mitigate damage to Cultural Heritage objects and artifacts during an emergency, in addition to proper procedures for assisting Cultural Heritage professionals in the evacuation of objects before a crisis.

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